Blumenstand & Nachttisch

A first attempt at designing and building CNC-routed household furniture

Furniture | 2018

Animated Tables

These two tables are an unlikely pairing - one tall, slender and deceptively light while the other is a little shorter but far stockier and with considerable heft. They were designed more as a joint project than as a visual pairing, something of an exercise in rapidly producing a design, prototyping and improving it as I went along.
The pieces were built as family gifts and the main challenge here was transporting them from Berlin to where my family live in the UK. It was necessary to design something relatively lightweight, that could be flat-packed and fit into a suitcase, then assembled on the other side with relative ease and access to only regular, household tools.
The result is a pair of tables with uncluttered aesthetics, focusing on a firm base constructed with interlocking cross bracing components that slot into the underside of each tabletop. The finish is in beautifully smooth pine plywood that is treated with a clear Osmo wax to bring out the grain and celebrate iconic plywood pinstripe.
The tables were cut and finished with the help of Chop Shop, my local CNC workshop here in Berlin. They were kind enough to let me use the machinery in their workshop to develop these prototypes.

Blumenstand is a slender tripod-structure that stands tall and proud at waist height, making it the perfect platform for showing off plants and books


Nachttisch is a bedside table with compartments for storing books, charging phones and any other items that you don’t want to get out of bed to reach